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Law is an instrument of social control. It is a rule of conduct. The object of law is to give everyone his due. Whenever wrongs are committed against the society or individuals law steps in . Wrongs committed against the society are called crimes. It is the duty of the State to protect the society from offenders. So crimes are considered as offences against the State and prosecutors have been appointed by the Government to conduct criminal cases before Courts of Law. However, disputes relating to property, breach of contracts, wrongs committed in money transactions, minor omissions etc are categorized as civil wrongs. In such cases civil suits should be instituted by the aggrieved persons. Courts of law administer justice by considering the nature of the wrong done. Criminals are convicted and punished before criminal courts. Civil wrongs are redressed before civil courts by granting injunctions or by payment of damages or compensation to the aggrieved party.

The District Courts are presided over by a judge. These courts are under administrative and judicial control of the High Court of the State to which the district concerned belongs. Judicial independence of each court is the characteristic feature of the district judiciary. In each district there is a strong bar which ensures that courts decide cases according to law and without fear or favour.

The hierarchy of courts in the district in case of Civil cases is as follows

District Court
Sub Court
Munsiff’s Court

Every suit should be instituted before the court of lowest jurisdiction. In the civil side the Munsif's Court is the court of lowest jurisdiction. An appeal from the decisions of the Munsiff is filed before the District Court. Appeals from the decisions of the Sub Court is filed before the District Court if the subject matter of the suit is of value up to rupees two lakhs. If the value is above two lakhs, the appeal should be filed before the High Court and next to the Supreme Court.

In the criminal side the hierarchy in the district as follows.

Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court
The First Class Magistrate's Court
The Second Class Magistrate’s Court

Administration of criminal justice is carried out through Magistrate- Courts and Sessions courts.


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